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Торговая марка: 686
Страна: США

Since Michael Akira West first stepped on a skateboard in the early eighties to the first time on a snowboard in 1985, he has always had quirky ideas. Mike grew up street skating in Hermosa and Venice Beach. From building the only reputable South Bay street course to getting sponsored by the now defunct Santa Monica Airlines (SMA), skateboarding consumed his life. That was so until he saw Terry Kidwell and Craig Kelly on snowboards. The possibility of actually skating on the snow, changed his life. Soon after that, he started working at Bear Mountain where he witnessed the creation of the first premier snowpark in the world. The things that were invented and the people that made up the Bear local posse changed freestyle snowboarding forever. With other hobbies like listening to an array of punk-alternative-hip hop and jazz, collecting sneakers, action figures, artwork, and vintage clothing, but with no fashion or clothing experience (only a good eye and a desire to learn), Mike learned one important thing, while attending the University of Southern California's Business School v ¦Why not do something that you-re already in to. Why do you have to work and then play? Can-t you play and work at the same time?¦ --That-s exactly how things started. On November 13, 1992, Jib 686 was formed. Contrary to the beliefs of many, Jib was a side nickname given to Mike as a kid, and 686 (June 6, 1986) was a crucial date in the life of his grandmother. A few years later (after people started to refer to Jib with another meaning) Jib was dropped and 686 becamethe new name. Since day one, 686 has been all about riding, using urban and artistic inspiration that supports the fundamentals of snowboarding. The Company-s "more than what you expected" philosophy of providing the individual-s unique, high-quality, clean and innovative outerwear specificproducts is world-renown and long imitated by others. Products like the trademarked "Smarty Technology," the patented "Tool Belts," the patented "Stash Pocket,¦ ¦Waterproof Denim,¦ and now the new "A.C.E." art movement are all original branded elements of what 686 is all about. The tendency to question the mainstream industry while forming their own thoughts and design themes have led to providing true riders a source of technical outerwear that differs from their much bigger competitors. Now, 11 years after and over 1,000 snowboard-specific retail outlets in 16 different countries, the company has little changed from its beginnings. Mike and his tight crew of fourteen people all still ride. The international team of riders, reps and retailers are all considered family. The company is still independently rider owned and operated, and the philosophy to do their own thing regardless of what the bigger boys are doing, still continues...

Team pro : Chris Engelsman ,Gaetan Chanut , Aleksi Vanninen , Charlie Morace

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